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16/08/2023 Off

Comprehensive Thyroid Treatment HK

By Maddison Lutz

Esteem Surgical Clinic has been providing thyroid treatment HK since 2009. This medical center with extensive services for vascular diseases, abdominal aortic aneurysms and peripheral arterial disease established an impeccable reputation in Hong Kong. With advanced equipment, experienced specialists, and...

28/02/2023 Off

Endovascular Treatment in Hong Kong Saves Lives of A High-Risk Group of Patients

By Maddison Lutz

Endovascular treatment is a less invasive procedure compared to traditional surgeries that treat problems related to the blood vessels. Typically,...

25/10/2021 Off

Why does alcohol do to our body?

By Maddison Lutz

Alcoholism is a disease that affects your brain, not just your liver. Alcoholism is characterized by a pattern of behavior...