How Can CityLinkers Assist You With Limited Partnership Funds

How Can CityLinkers Assist You With Limited Partnership Funds

15/07/2021 Off By Maddison Lutz

If you are willing to experience the benefits of the Cayman Fund Investment or Limited Partnership Funds HK, you can consult CityLinkers for professional advice. It is a consultancy company that helps clients invest in beneficial programs and set up offshore companies in highly convenient countries.

The Cayman Fund Investment drew the attention of investors worldwide because of the low taxes and other advantages that the Cayman Islands offer. If you access this program, you will not have to pay direct taxes on income, capital gains, and profits as you typically would in Hong Kong. Also, you will be able to rely on the stable framework of the government and have more freedom due to minimal restrictions on compliance and auditing.

The CityLinkers team will introduce the Cayman Fund Investment thoroughly so you can understand all its benefits.

Another program that CityLinkers can assist you with is the Limited Partnership Funds HK. LPF enables the registration of private funds as limited partnerships. Thus, you will get efficient investment management and protect your interests in multiple ways. CityLinkers staff will explain all the protocols to you during the first consultation.

The Limited Partnership Funds HK program doesn’t require minimum capital and does not have statutory investment restrictions. Also, partners have more contract freedom. The CityLinkers team will help you prepare the form and apply to the Register of Companies. You will have full guidance from the first to the last step of LPF. In addition, CityLinkers will stay available for any further assistance so you will always have a partner to support your progress.