Webinar Platform HK Facilitates Online Communication

Webinar Platform HK Facilitates Online Communication

28/04/2023 Off By Maddison Lutz

U.C. NOW is a popular virtual event and webinar platform HK that had a great breakthrough during the COVID-19 quarantine and it’s been growing its influence worldwide since then. This software provides comprehensive hybrid event tech services that serve different communities, institutions, and businesses.

Hosts of virtual events can take great advantage of the Event Control, Registration Centre, and other powerful services of UC. NOW. This virtual event and webinar platform HK features unique tools that aim to meet the needs and requirements of every host and participant of a virtual event.

Pre-event setup and preparation system has impressive options that make virtual events extremely easy to organize. Users can take advantage of the pre-build templates when building event websites that they can customize afterwards. The customization process is surprisingly easy and simple. Even users with little to no experience can learn how to manage this software easily. In case they need any assistance, a dedicated team can always help them as they are available 27/7 for any questions or inquiries users may have.

The automated attendee invitation, along with the self-service enrollment workflow are also spectacular tools of this virtual event and webinar platform. They allow members to invite participants automatically and save their time significantly. The system not only invites people via email but also reminds them of the invitation before the event.

Custom survey forms, speaker presentation material management, as well as user training and rehearsal are only some of the features that help users with the preparation of their virtual events. The creators invite people to join this amazing platform and experience a whole new world of virtual possibilities.