Lab Grown Diamond is Finally Taking Over the World

Lab Grown Diamond is Finally Taking Over the World

22/08/2022 Off By Maddison Lutz

For over 50 years, diamond enthusiasts tried to develop a technology that can turn lab Grown Diamond into jewelry. Although the progress was visible throughout the years, final results were missing until approximately one decade ago. LABSTAR, an innovative brand that integrates the production of diamonds, loose diamond retail, and wholesale, is proudly one of the first companies that managed to create beautiful jewels from diamonds made in the lab.

The popularity of diamonds started in the 1400s in Europe and the 1930s in the US. There is a great history behind these precious stones that LABSTAR cherishes and values. The founders of the brand believe that every woman should own at least one diamond! The high price of the stones made that mission difficult in the past. However, the Grown Diamond revolution can make a change. 

Lab diamonds are more cost-efficient than natural diamonds. Understandably, that is the decisive factor for many customers as not everyone can afford natural gems. Amazingly, the difference between the “real” and a Grown Diamond is minimal. Only experts can see the differences. Women and men will finally be able to wear diamonds without having to pay a fortune!

LABSTAR is advocating green jewelry. With green environmental protection, the founders are including the clients in the Earth-protection movement. Each owner of a Grown Diamond will positively influence the planet while wearing beautiful jewelry! Altogether, the benefits of lab-grown diamonds are attracting people regionally and internationally. LABSTAR is building its name greatly so its global breakout is expected to happen very soon!